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Hi! My name is Dorothy. I turned 19 this year (2018). I was born in Branford, Ontario in Canada, and moved to San Bernardino, California where I ferried children to and from school for 14 years. I enjoyed my time there, but the years of hot dust roads and rambunctious kids took their toll. I was very nearly sold overseas, but there were export problems so I was put up for auction. That’s ‘when my moms found me. They picked me up one Christmas break in 2013, and drove me home. It was a long drive that I’d prefer to forget. So would they. I was sick the whole way and had to be towed several times. We finally made it back, and I was immediately put into rehab. Student mechanics at UNOH took me on as a project. They rebuilt my brakes, went over my engine with a fine tooth comb, replaced my tires and fixed my heater (yes.. they drove me home in December without a heater!). I was sent for a new “June Blue” paint job with bright red wheels and was fitted with blue gingham curtains! My old interior was stripped out, and I was outfitted with a brand new kitchen and an on-board generator. All that work took years and countless hours of painstaking effort, but was so worth it! I’m just starting to get out into my new life as a Food Truck, and it is wonderful We’re taking it slow, so we make sure we get it right. We want you to be as happy with us, as we are with you. Please stop by to see me, and sample Mama (Chef) Roby’s menu.


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